Words of Encouragement and praise to MAMCF

There are incredible organizations that advocate for these heroes fighting cancer but there’s one that truly supported my wife. Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation is run by a wonderful, compassionate, and driven group of individuals.

Paul David, husband of Desiree David

Thank you girls for reaching out to La and her family. You guys are doing amazing things. Although I missed LA more than ever last night I know that she was looking down on us smiling. Keep doing all that you girls do. La and her family can never say thank you enough to the Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation. Love you girls.

Michelle Villaroel, Adopt a Mom for Carmela

Thank you so much. I don't know what to say to show you how much stress you've taken from me.

Yvonne Rodriguez - MAMCF Mom

As a father and once a young son watching his mother go through this battle, this hits close to my heart. To all of you fighting, your stories, move me and most importantly, inspire me. As many of you know, I compete in endurance events throughout the year as I strive to accomplish my personal goals both for myself and family. In hearing some of the daily battles that these true warriors go through, I've been reminded not to take anything for granted. I'm not only blessed to go the distances I go, but to simply get out of bed and walk to my kids rooms to play with them. I will now partake in these endurance events to fund raise for Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation.

Jonathan Yance - Miles 4 MAM Athlete

Thank you guys so much for accepting my sister Monica into your foundation. It's a blessing to have people like you guys out there helping people. Thanks a lot.

Antionette Farfan

God Bless Mommy and Me for a good job well done.

Pinky O'Neill

Oh my goodness.... I am so moved by this post! Karina Stevens is more then a best friend she is my soul sister. I am so thankful for this support it has moved me to tears that is so amazing the love we feel from so many!

Erika Tischler

Thank you athletes for supporting us moms. Attempting this triathlon (especially for those doing it for the first time) is no easy feat! Thank you for dedicating your time and energy for this cause, training countless hours and being away from your own families.

Desiree David - MAMCF mom


"I would have to say, I was truly blown away by the extreme generosity and compassion when I entered the Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation. Jennifer Boyd, Olivia, and Donna have hearts made of diamonds! I really appreciate this program for extending their care and generosity" Krista Draper


"I think it is so wonderful that Mommy and ME CF has a focus of assisting young moms with cancer. I have found tremendous support through the team members (Jenn,Liv, and Cris) plus the friednships I built with the other moms will last a lifetime. I am very grateful for many of the services I benefited from such as farm fresh, hair replacemnets and financial aid. Thank you!" Tina Leo VanZanten


"Thank you to MAMCF for providing around the clock peer support. At times I am an emotional wreck and can always count on MAMCF to be there for me! Whether it if just to talk or get things off my mind :-)" Desiree David

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