Soon to Launch: #MyBodyMyMission


As the HEALTH Science Director for Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation, I would like to introduce our new health awareness program, My Body My Mission. 
 #My Body My Mission is a health education project, created by MAMCF that motivates young adults to learn about nutrition, exercise and cancer prevention through a series of missions. 
There is a series of 5 different flyers, Mission 1-Mission 5, all on different subjects relating to disease PREVENTION. The program’s objective is to encourage self-improvement and inform the participants about healthy lifestyle choices.  MBMM focuses on facilitating the formation of healthy habits while the young adults are gaining independence; this change in behavior will lower risks of chronic diseases later in life. It is known that lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise will improve the young adults’ overall health in the present and the future and thus, with established positive habits they can change their own children’s lives. 
Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation constantly strives to impact the community on a larger scale by starting with the young population and taking a preventative initiative – not necessarily putting the focus on cancer specifically, but concentrating mainly on changes in health behaviors yet slightly hinting at the sensitive subject of chronic diseases such as cancer.
After working on this PROGRAM for the past year, I can happily say that MBMM is now in high gear and the pilot was implemented in California High School (Whittier) and Loara High School (Anaheim).  

The project will increase awareness about young cancer patients, and the challenges they face today.  The efforts of teaching positive HEALTH behavior change in high school students shall result in an increase in overall health of students and thus, higher attendance rates so as to benefit the high schools.  Participation is free.

If you would like to recommend any high schools local to the areas Orange County or Los Angeles that would be interested in participating, apply here.

Stay tuned for more updates for #MYBODYMYMISSION!


Health, Love, and Happiness,


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