Kesha, mother of an 8 year-old beautiful girl, was diagnosed in 2012 with Breast Sarcoma Cancer. It has been over a year since her mastectomy, and in a short amount of time her disease quickly advanced. Her family and friends all support her and have reached out to Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation for further support. Together as a community we can help Kesha's family. 

Kesha, 39, of Claremont, passed on February 22, 2014 as a result of stage 4 sarcoma cancer. Kesha was an angel of music with a heart of gold. She will be remembered as a musician of God, a loving mother, friend and more. In honor of our beloved Kesha Riley, memorial contributions can be made through Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation's fundraising site.

Please indicate that your donation is on behalf of: Kesha Riley





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For a loving dear woman who will be missed for her warm smile, music ministry and love of God, R.I.P.

Thank you for your donation.

Rosie Holden $50

Charlotte Lewis $100


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