Carina reminds us that cancer affects anyone, even young moms. Meet 17 year old Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation teen mom Carina Estrada, who is battling leukemia. Only a few months after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, she discovered she had cancer. Instead of changing diapers and watching her baby girl learn to crawl, she has been at the hospital literally fighting for her life. She joined Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation in September 2013, and is one of many young moms battling cancer that we support.

In a few short weeks she will be undergoing a bone marrow transplant. A bone marrow transplant is a procedure which will replace damaged or destroyed bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells. The progress in her aggressive cancer treatment has allowed her to be elligible for the transplant, but she will have to recover from the grueling procedure, which may take up to a year. Saving her life has placed a financial burden on her family. Along with the fear of the future, patients like Carina are faced with never ending medical bills. 1 out of 10 cancer patients reports spending more than $18,000 out of pocket on care.

We are helping Carina raise money for her and her family. There are many ways you can help!

One way to help is by making a small donation today. In order to continue making a difference in lives like Carina, it's vital we gain your support. By making a tax deductible donation to Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation, you will be directly contributing to mothers like Carina, struggling to cope with cancer while raising minor children. Additionally, you'll be recognized for your generosity as a cause supporter on our website.

Thank you in advance for helping a mother, and in turn helping a child.




My family is praying for you and your sweet baby girl! Being a teen mom has many challenges in and of itself!! I can't imagine throwing cancer on top of it!! You are a warrior and a fighter! You can do this! There are times when I think, "Lord, take me home!! I am so done fighting cancer!!" Then he reminds me of what I am fighting for!! Bless you Carina!! You are an inspiration!!

So proud of you Carina. 

Carina I am extremely proud of you. You are the strongest person Ive ever bet. You and Melody deserve nothing but the best in this world. I love you and God is good all this will pay off for you and Mel. One day. Ill always keep you in my prayers. You are an inspiration to me and you took this battle like a champ!!!

Thank you Ly Nguyen for your generous donation of $500. 

Stay strong Carina baby Mel needs and loves you ❤ soon this will all be over and will just be a memory left behind

May you rest in peace. My prayers go out to yor family and your sweet baby girl

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