LIV LETTERS transitioning to a blog

"Liv Letters" was a program designed to allow our moms to share their daily experiences with each other through letters. Our moms have not utilized the program as much, so the program is now shifting to a blog with Liv, the Lead Beneficiary Advocate. In the blog we will share what our moms would like our followers to know such as the most common side effects, the best tasting antioxidants, frustrations with raising minor children while being ill, and more. Stay tuned for our first few entries this week.

501(c)(3) granted to Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation

Dear MAMCF Community,

We are happy to announce that on November 22, 2013, the United States Internal Revenue Service approved Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation, Inc. as a 501(c)(3) recognized charitable non-profit organization. This process was tedious, but possible because of our talented team of attorneys, executive staff and dedicated volunteers. TY

This will allow us to apply for grants from public and private institutions, as well as make all your contributions to the organization tax deductible, retroactive to March 7, 2013


On Feb. 1st Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation Was Just an Idea


In less than 3 months, we were able to accomplish our goals of launching our organization and initiating the support programs for mommies with cancer. In a short amount of time we have gathered a tremendous amount of support.  We officially became incorporated on March 7, 2013. Sean and I worked diligently to create our logo with @MaratMychaels (artist) and Chris T. (web developer). We worked on the creation of MAMCF every single day and night.  We worked countless hours setting up the platform to support our  MAMCF “moms”.



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