LIV LETTER - She Is With Me

There has been much news with our MAMCF families. I find myself taking deep breaths and meditating often because the news is at times heartbreaking. But, it comes with working (volunteering) for an organization that supports mothers who are chronically ill and have very young children. I am grateful though that my past experiences in life including losing my own mother, have given me the strength and tools to manage.

Of course, the most devastating news is when one of our moms passes, especially when she's your dear friend whom you've texted almost everyday. I had a hard time dealing with Desiree's loss. It will be 3 months tomorrow and each day has gotten better. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking of "Deigh."

I feel she is with me though especially when I hear troubling news about our MAMCF families, like when the children are affected and are struggling in school. Additionally, it is difficult to hear when a mom is in so much pain that even prescribed pain meds are not alleviating the discomfort. We also get news that the cancer is spreading in the eye or spine or a new mass was found. It's always a challenge to hear these kinds of updates, yet it grounds me and keeps me motivated to help them. Everyday I wake up early to send emails, communicate with our team or an individual mom. Every Wednesday, I mail out welcome packages or grocery cards. On Thursdays or Fridays, I sometimes have meetings or conference calls. I am able to manage my time so that I can still work and care for my own famliy. But, I love it and I know and feel Deigh is supporting me as I fulfill my purpose.



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