LIV LETTER - A Prayer for My Mommy

"God give me strength as I sit here and listen to my mom moan in pain please don’t let me cry so she knows I am strong for her. I know she will be ok because I am asking you and normally I get what I ask for. She is stronger than anyone I know and I don’t know too many people but still she is strong and believes in you. God please hold her hand and watch out for her." Vincent (Winner of the Desiree David Scholarship)

As I sat there and listened I couldn’t help but chuckle knowing his prayer was literal. At this point in my fight it wasn’t the physical doing to help me through but our faith that was going to get us through. I had asked God for some kind of sign, not to cure me, but to reassure me He was here. And for my Autistic son to pray I knew that was my sign.

It was my son's prayer that gave my faith that extra push. I have always told my boys to pray and continue to pray, they may not physically see an answer but it will make their faith that much stronger when they do see. I have always believed that we are here for reasons we cannot explain, and God's plan is bigger than us. Repetitively telling my boys this as they grew up, I am sure that's why I am still here, not only do I have the strength of my own faith but I have the strength of my boys faith as well :-) We are all God's blessings wether we are still here or not. Cancer does not define our lives, we shall define it!  Cynthia Mazariegos (MAMCF Mom)

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