March 2014

LIV LETTER - What Do I Tell My Children

One of the common challenges that our moms face is deciding what tell to tell their children about their illness. There is a delicate balance from telling them too much to not relaying enough. Deciding what to relay also depends on the age of the child, for children conceptualize illness and death in different ways. Carolina, our dedicated volunteer who has a background in working with patients with advances illness, spoke to our advocates last weekend about these concepts that children have.

LIV LETTER - My Caitlin

I went from pregnant and glowing to tremendously ill quite quickly.  The
early days at home with Nicholas were full of the typical baby-related
challenges, as we had expected.  But things didn’t get easier as the days
passed.  I experienced what I thought were post-partum symptoms and possible
complications from my c-section….fevers, night sweats, shortness of breath.
And boy, was I tired.  But I had a newborn, and I figured, “so this is
what everyone is talking about!”