About Us

Why we do what we do

  • Researchers estimated that a staggering 562,000 children are living with a parent who is in the early or late stages of cancer treatment.
  • New research also shows that 18% of newly diagnosed cancer patients are parents to minor children - this means that 2.85 million children in the United States are living with a parent who is battling or has survived cancer.
  • While these families are in dire need of support, thought leaders agree that families of young children struggling with cancer is an underserved group in the cancer community. 


Founders Jennifer Boyd and Sean O'Neill decided to dedicate their efforts to helping young moms with cancer. They created MAMCF in 2013 to address their needs, and since then we’ve been able to aid over 60 families and build a brand-new community of encouragement.

Our mission is to provide support to young moms who are battling life-threatening cancer who also raise minor children. Your generosity and support will help these families with financial assistance, group support, hair replacement, children's books about cancer and more. With your help we’ll not only provide financial support – we’ll also lift their spirits, provide hope and enhance their quality of life.

Our Story

Sean O’Neill, MAMCF’s founder, watched both a brother and uncle battle cancer and was deeply affected by their experiences. After the passing of his brother, Sean felt inspired to build a cancer foundation to help support others affected by it. His vision began in the 90's, but didn't come to reality until recently meeting a team of compassionate individuals.

Jennifer, MAMCF’s CEO, suffered a medical illness. As a single mother, she had to deal with her recovery while continuing to raise her 3 year old son. She often expressed her feelings of frustration and guilt with balancing being ill and caring for a child. This all changed, however, while volunteering at Grandma’s House of Hope in 2012 – as Jennifer helped assist women with a history of abuse, domestic violence, and illness, and she vowed to one day use her talents as a business woman and entrepreneur to help other women.

Olivia, MAMCF’s Chief Secretary, has a background in patient care as a registered nurse and is currently a Nurse Practitioner. She attained her Masters Degree in Nursing at University Cal State Fullerton and is passionate about her role as Lead Beneficiary Advocate and Chief Secretary. Her caring spirit and knack for urgency give her the tools to best support these cancer moms. She also leads a tream of highly qualified beneficiary advocates covering Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange.

Sean and Jennifer started discussing ideas about how to help others. In their research, they found minimal support to young mothers battling cancer existed. The realization that these families deserve more aid spurred the movement to support these unique cancer patients.

Their motivation was fueled by their first beneficiary, Desiree David. Desiree is a close friend of Jennifer and Olivia and is a survivor and a fighter of breast cancer. Her story has captured the hearts of many, including the founders. Many of our programs were developed based on her initial concerns as a young cancer mom raising a young child. 

Together with our team of dedicated and passionate volunteers, we aim to achieve our mission everyday!

Thank you for supporting our cause!
The MAMCF Team